Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue on verge of closing


Posted Sun, Sep 23, 2012

TOP CAT: Randolph, the cat, has been with the shelter since 2004. (Photo courtesy of RMFR)

DENVER — Emotions are running high at the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, 2390 S. Delaware St. as the shelter is facing the possibility of closing its doors by the end of the year. A rough economy and dwindling donations have slowly taken their toll.

Established in 1982, the shelter serves as a utopia to cats of all backgrounds. Boasting a long-term residents, those with bad habits, some have medical needs like Feline leukemia or FIV, and some are even feral. They are a “non-profit, no-kill, cage-free” environment.

Just like humans, cats too come with medical needs that pose another challenge for adoption. Randolph is a senior male that has been with the shelter since 2004. Diagnosed with FiV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. So long as they are open they promise Randolph a home until the day he finds his forever home.

During a typical month the rescue needs about $25,000 per month in order to operate. Shelter officials speculate that they have been running roughly $2,000 below that for months. The shelter is currently at capacity, 125 cats, and “they will go to other shelters and unfortunately most no-kill shelters are at capacity right now. So they would likely end up being put down.

Kris Kleine has been with the rescue for eight years and she remains optimistic about their future.

“I think we are making a lot of new efforts, lots of new head way,” she says.

A unique way to support your feline friends is to join in on their community events, such as RMFR Bingo Nights every Wednesday where all proceeds go straight to the cats, and Wine and Whiskers fund raiser on Oct. 13, at The Studios at Overland Crossing 2201 S. Delaware St.

For several weeks, KHOW talk Show Host Peter Boyles, who adopted Blanket, the cat, from the shelter, has been alerting listeners about the plight of Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue during the morning drive. Boyles is planning to participate in a luncheon fund raiser Oct. 5 in Castle Rock to benefit the shelter.

If you are looking for ways to help, visit On their website you can donate through a secure network or check out their wish list!

Here is the shelter’s wish list:
Priority Items:
-Canned cat and kitten food
All meat baby foods for kittens and sick cats
0. Purina One and Costco’s Kirkland Maintenance formula dry foods
0. Non-clumping clay cat litter, any brand (we use about 150 pounds of litter daily!)
0. Dry kitten food – Purina One or Purina, Royal Canin Kitten and Babycat 34
Kitten Milk Replacer

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
2390 S. Delaware Street Denver, CO 80223
Phone: (303)-744-6076

Fax: (303)-744-6205

Hours of Operation:
Monday & Tuesday 12-4, Wednesday Closed, Thursday & Friday 12-4, Saturday & Sunday 12-5

Adoption fees:
All cats over 4 months old are now $30.00! Please note that we accept only cash or check for adoption fees.


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  1. Kevin Hall Says:

    Awesome story, you did a good job and really painted a picture and made this situation aware to people. Hopefully more people will read this and want to help or donate. So many people are unaware of what goes on even right in their back yard.


  2. Spencer Hunt Says:

    I own a rescue dog, and it was the best investment I ever made so I always enjoy reading about rescue shelters. Great information on the different feline diseases too


  3. Scott Corbridge Says:

    Great story, knowing how much the shelter needs a month to operate is really crazy and the fact that they’re struggling to stay afloat is sad. Hopefully people will try to help the shelter and adopt the cats to give them a better home.


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