The Busy life of a MSCD student


Posted Thu, Oct 28, 2010

As if being a full time college student was not difficult enough, try finding time to work a side job, play an indoor sport, join an internship program and find time to hang out with friends and family. Somehow Metro State’s very own sophomore, Brigett Hansen has seemed to master this type of lifestyle.

Brigett was born in Littleton, Colo. on Sept. 28, 1990. Her family moved to different parts of Colorado when she was younger. They lived in Berthoud for most of her childhood, it was a, “good place to grow up,” she said. Her family eventually moved to Milliken last year.

In 8th grade, Brigett and fellow classmate Dara Harvey started a friendship that is currently still going strong

“She has always been a shoulder for me to cry on and I could always confide in her,” Harvey said.

Upon graduation from Berthoud High School, she decided to attend the Metro State College of Denver.

 “I loved the vibe, and it was a decently priced school with the major that I wanted,” Brigett said.

Brigett is a chemistry major with a minor in forensic science who hopes to one day work with the FBI or the CIA.

“It will be a lot of work to get there but that’s what I want to do.” Brigett said.

She is already getting practice in the field through her internship with the Boulder County Sheriffs Department in their Cadet program.

The cadet program was started to allow young adults the opportunity to see what careers are like in law enforcements. 

This is Brigett’s third year, and within the last nine months, she has already put in around 560 hours.

on Sundays Brigett finds herself on a ride-a-long with one of the Boulder county deputies where they encounter everything from traffic stops to building searches.

“It is an amazing experience and you learn a lot from it. Especially when you ride with different deputies, you learn different ways to do everything.” Brigett said.  

On top of spending much of her time with the cadets, Brigett also works at the Berthoud A&W. She has been working there around three years and typically works between 30 to 40 hours per week.

And when she is not working, she plays on an indoor soccer league with her old coach.

Brigett has been playing soccer since she was six years old and has endured many injuries over the years because of it. She is no stranger to the physical therapy seeing as though she has gone there on four separate occasions. 

I have my share of injuries that for sure! High pain tolerance is a nice thing to have.” Brigett said.

Around eight years ago Brigett was diagnosed with Diabetes and feels that this was the biggest obstacle she has had to overcome.

 However, now she has had some experience with it, she is able to keep it under control, “I have to be aware of my body and just take care of myself.”

Overall, Brigett Hansen is a busy, dedicated and ambitious young woman who is doing everything she can to make sure she succeeds in her future. She has encountered hardships and injuries but continues to be focused on what is best for her.

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