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Posted Tue, May 10, 2011

By Monica Garcia
Surveys. We all love to hate them. They are everywhere! On the bottom of your receipt at the store, in your email after you make an online purchase, in your mail, need I say more?! My latest survey experience took it to another level of hate, I mean love for surveys.

I have, what one would call, a weak immune system. Every year I have countless doctor visits and to top it off at least one hospital visit per year.

Health Insurance, a whole other story on its own, is essential in our society. And thank goodness I have health insurance, but they take things too far when it comes to surveys.

After my second visit to the emergency room in a month period and more than six doctor visits later I received a large envelope in the mail.

I had no idea what it was just looking at it. It couldn’t have been lab results, I know what those look like, and this was too big. Unless… I have some kind of incurable disease, and my doctor doesn’t have the nerve to tell me in person! Convinced of the worst I ripped the envelope open and found……

A survey. Not my death sentence. A survey.
This wasn’t any old survey either. It was the size of a child’s book! No joke! There were 10 pages that needed filling out on large paper.

Thinking, well I since I’m not dying from an incurable disease, I can throw, no no recycle, this survey . I did just that and went along my way.

A few days later I received another large envelope from my health care provider. I opened it and it was another survey…
This went on for a few weeks. Receiving at least one maybe two surveys.

Now a rational person might think, maybe this is important and I should do it. Well this is how I looked at it instead.

Like all surveys is was most likely about how their service had been, and unless it was beyond horrifying I really don’t care. Plus you know the usual suspects; it was too long, I didn’t have time, I lost my favorite pen.

So as you would suspect I continued to ignore them. I mean who doesn’t, right? I don’t know one person who takes survey’s voluntarily. Well unless you will get some reward for doing it.

Anyway… About a month later I received a phone call. It was a representative from my health insurance. She was calling to see if I received the survey they sent.

Yes, really, it has gone to phone calls.
She explains I was sent the survey because of the amount of health care that I had received in the past few months. She also explained, and this is the best part. This survey doesn’t go out to everyone, just those who have had many visits in a short amount of time. Those who receive the survey are usually older, and it is important that I fill it out and send it in.

Whoo, whoo, wait a moment. I’m getting the survey that are sent to older patients?! Great add another check to the list of “reasons why I am an old woman trapped in a your body”.
So I agreed to sending in the “senior” survey. I guess since I’m the youngest one taking this survey it must be so important that I fill this out!

Ok I may be a bit dramatic about the age thing, but I was going to fill it out. Ok? Is everyone good now?

So I started filling this survey out. A few pages later I decided that, hum, there is no real rush just as long as I finish it at some point and send it in.

A few days later I received another phone call from the same number. I dodged it. I hadn’t finished the survey so….what could I say?

Then I got another letter. Again stating that I needed to fill out the survey, blah, blah , blah, you know that usual. Si u deceived to finish this once and for all.

An hour and a half later I finished. So proud of myself, I put it in the mail. I didn’t have to avoid the phone calls, no more wasting the paper, you know all those things I was getting so good at doing.

Surveys. They are a nuisance, yes, but sometimes it is a good idea. It helps you know customer service and all that garb.
So when you get sent a survey, think twice. You never know when it is life or death, or important in any shape or form.

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