KBPI, U Pull & Pay, and Easter Eggs


Posted Sun, Apr 14, 2013

DENVER— On Saturday, March 30, many KBPI listeners came to the U Pull & Pay auto salvage yard, 390 W. 66th Way for a massive scavenger hunt. The prize for this contest is a new Ford F-150, a trailer and a Camero; the catch? Participants have to scour the colossal car graveyard for four golden Easter eggs that contain the keys to these prizes. After finding a key, the finder of the egg will be put into a smaller drawing that will get the participant even closer to winning these fabulous prizes.

Willie B. of KBPI hosted the event, hiding the four golden Easter eggs in the 1,000 plus car lot and sending participants, some willing and some dragged there by overly excited friends or family members, out into the fray.

Once in the car lot, the hunt was daunting. All different types of cars, separated by make, spread out on a massive lot. People were looking under hoods, in glove boxes, under tires, between seats, climbing over and under cars looking for the golden eggs.
Before the hunt even began, Willie B. took pity on the participants and gave all contestants some hints.

“One is in a foreign car, another is in the front where the back should be… but for all these you’re going to have to work hard,” Willie B. announced to the growing crowd.

And work hard these men and women did!

Lifting up the heavy hoods of old cars, 1950s Chevs, or climbing into vans that looked like they could have been around in the late 1970s, these men and women searched for the precious eggs.
One participant was fortunate enough to find an egg within the first five minutes of the hunt.

Jordon Salbato shows his excitement with his winning egg.

Jordon Salbato shows his excitement with his winning egg. [Photo by Grace Holton]

Jordon Salbato, 18, found the first egg in the backseat of a Buick. To get to the egg he had to lay a floor mat over the muddy ground and crawl into the car enough to reach the center armrest. Once he lowered the armrest, it was clear the egg had been hidden in a long since abandoned cup holder.

“Happy Easter man.”

By finding a key, Salbato and others not only get put in the pot to win the F-150, Camero and trailer, but win tickets to KBPI’s Birthday Bash.

Walking from the crowd, Salbato and his father, Don Salbato, animatedly discuss what they would do if he were to win the cars and trailer.

“We could sell both your Camero and the new one, and keep the truck. Or, we could sell both and buy a dragster!” Don Salbato said.

The scavenger hunt was certainly an experience for all involved, but for those who won, it was a remarkable event.



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    Good job covering this story! I like the picture. 🙂


  2. Stephanie V. Coleman Says:

    This is so crazy…I can’t believe this actually happened. Really entertaining story and fun title to your story. It caught my attention.


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