Baseball Was My Life


Posted Thu, Oct 31, 2013

A conversation with Ockavia ‘Keve’ Brockington

Photo Courtesy of Keve Brockington

Keve Brockington has always did his best to be a great team player and family man. [Photo Courtesy of Keve Brockington]

FIELD OF DREAMS — He’s hit numerous home runs, and caught hundreds of fly balls. He has even made money while doing so, but now, he finds himself emerged back in the school books, in honor and tribute to his loving and inspiring father.

At a young age, Ockavia Brockington, ‘Keve,’ was introduced to the concepts of baseball. He was forced into baseball, something he knew so little about. Very little did he know at age 12, he was beginning a long journey of self-discovery, popularity and financial stability. All this, while playing the game he grew to love and enjoy. This journey made him a humble person and the man he is today.

Brockington, 33, studies magazine journalism at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Photo Courtesy of Cherise Scrivner

Brockington, 33, studies magazine journalism at Metropolitan State University of Denver. [Photo by Cherise Scrivner]

“I love to learn everything about everything!” Brockington says. “In journalism, I like learning the background aspects including the writing the broadcast and the reporting side. Anything I can learn I would love to. I would have to say my passion right now would be writing, with an emphasis on sports but not limited to.”

Brockington is also a loving dedicated husband getting ready to celebrate his one year anniversary with his beautiful wife, Meghan. They dated for 12 years before being married.

“Growing up I loved football and basketball,” Brockington says. “I was forced into baseball initially by my parents in 1992. It was one of the greatest things that happened to me. One morning they took me to South East Denver Baseball tryouts, all my dad told me was to bring my glove. I recognized friends on the field, so I tried out for the team, I had a lot of fun and unexpectedly I made the AYL (Arapahoe Youth Leagues) Eagles, from there I began to excel.”

Brockington attended Denver East High School where he played for the Angels.

“My junior year of High school I played on junior varsity, but only played about four games,” Brockington explains. “By sophomore through senior year I was on varsity. I played center-field and closing pitcher throughout my time at Denver East. Starting junior year I applied to many colleges and got accepted, including Texas A&M and CSU, but I wanted to get drafted.”

Brockington went on to play single A ball from age 18-21. Eventually his paths lead him back to Colorado where he played club ball at CSU for four years.

“I later again moved onto to play in the NABA (National Adult Baseball Association) for seven years, from age 25-32, playing for the Denver 7’s, Colorado Twins and the Zombies,” Brockington says.

“When I first started playing ball for the A leagues at 18, I was making almost $250,000 for two seasons. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to make that, and had the upbringing and my parents to help me establish and not spend it unwisely. I invested a lot of it. I really had a good circle as far as who controlled my finances.

Photo Courtesy Keve Brockington

Brockington played in the NABA (National Adult Baseball Association) for seven years, from age 25-32, and played for the Denver 7’s, Colorado Twins and the Zombies. [Photo Courtesy of Keve Brockington]

“The structure and family help in [my] money management helped me not end up like many retired athletes that end up bankrupt from irresponsible spending,” Brockington says. “I am very grateful of this.”

Brockington speaks highly of the game and the coaches he had throughout his years playing baseball. He always did his best to be a great team player.

“I pride myself on my loyalty to my team. I was always sure not to do anything to hinder my team or myself, to put us in the best spotlight. It really does matter, yes the game is about your performance and how well your team plays as well as yourself, cause there’s no ‘I’ in team, just like the old saying growing up. I pride myself the most with the camaraderie that I had with my teammates but also opposition,” Brockington says.

“I love the game. I mean it’s someone throwing at you and someone trying to hit the ball, that’s pretty much the best thing about it. [I like] the athleticism, you know it’s not easy. One of the things said, is that one of the hardest things to do in sports is to hit a baseball. And I believe that’s true.”

The passing Brockington’s father inspired him to uproot his life of baseball to come back to school.

“My dad always inspired my sisters and [myself] to continue our education, because they didn’t have the opportunities we had,” Brockington says. “They grew up in the south, my dad grew up in Texas, and my mom grew up in Arkansas. They did well for themselves, but we had completely different opportunities than they had growing up. It was my dad’s inspiration that led me to go back in tribute and honor to him.”

Brockington says in five years, he would like to have finished school and be working in television.

“Hopefully, I will be fairly decent at it,” Brockington says. “I would also like to have a child. I mean, I am not getting any younger. I am 33; it is something that I have always wanted. After watching and experiencing my family grow up it, has always been a goal of mine to have children. I want to teach them as much as I can. If they want to play sports fine. If they don’t, fine. I do want to emphasize education, and build my life around them.”

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  1. Keve Brockington Says:

    Very well written story, Cherise! Thank you for the opportunity to tell a story.


  2. Ashley Hattle Says:

    Very interesting story! I like the lede it made me keep reading and I learned a lot about Keve I didn’t know.


  3. Sean Murphy Says:

    Great story, I’ve sat next to Keve for 2 years and didnt know some of this.


  4. Mark Braley Says:

    Awesome story! Definitely a very well written and interesting profile of our classmate, I really enjoyed reading this.


  5. Rocky Says:

    This guy is also a registered sex offender, according to state of Co. Look it up!!


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