The Heidi Chronicles Harbor High Expectations at Metro


Posted Sat, Mar 9, 2013

DENVER, Auraria Campus — The Heidi Chronicles, opening at the King Center April 11-21, 2013, is director David Wygant and actor Patrick Bourke’s first show at Metropolitan State University of Denver — both artists feel the play has the potential of being a huge hit.

“I like making people react,” Bourke says.

In a production full of wit, a pleasant “rhythm in the dialogue” and what “many theorists look at as important but also problematic,” The Heidi Chronicles is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


The Heidi Chronicles follows the life and times of Heidi Holland (Jean Edgorf) from high school during the 1960s, to her career as a spunky art historian in 1989.

Scoop (Bourke) and Holland are drawn to one another, but have an unhealthy misogynistic relationship that has made Holland’s personal life an uneven parallel with her successes in the realm of humanism. Holland is a big advocate of including women artists in the historical canon where women have been traditionally ignored. She looks at it as more a humanist issue than a feminist issue.

Because this play has the potential to be seen as a critique of feminist issues, Wygant is careful in his approach.

“Can a man be a feminist?” Wygant asks. “I think Heidi looks at is more as a humanists argument, so I’m trying to put the focus on the humanist take. She believes people should be allowed to reach their full potential.”

Directing The Heidi Chronicles is something that Wygant feels “really fortunate” about. Saying that it’s something he’d always wanted to sink his teeth into and he “can’t wait to do it!”

Wygant, who last directed in 2007 says, “I got into directing late,” but that is isn’t affecting rehearsals.

“The rehearsals have a completely different etiquette than they did in high school,” Bourke says.

The actors must have a deep understanding of who their characters are to portray them realistically on the stage.

Susan Johnston (Erika Kae), Holland’s best friend, is the complete opposite of Holland. Holland is a strong character, a leader of the movement that supports women’s (and everyone else’s) rights.

However, Johnston is very much a follower who takes things too far. Buying into all the different aspects of the movement, she becomes radical before she is fully informed on what it truly is she supports.

Holland’s other friend, Scoop, is someone who is secretly insecure and becomes overly masculine to try to hide that insecurity.

“I know I’m not supposed to look at a character from the audience’s point of view,” Bourke says, “but it makes me rethink about how Scoop would act and how much more complicated a character he is than I thought. He has these moments that are little windows into his soul that are immediately shut.”

The play has wit, humor, bravery and a talented cast that is sure to make Metro’s production of The Heidi Chronicles a hit.

“If it’s done correctly,” Bourke says, “or the way I think it should be done, it’ll be a dramedy, drama and comedy perfectly combined.”

The Heidi Chronicles
April 11-21, 2013
King Center
MSU Denver

Jean Edgorf: Heidi Holland
Erika Kae: Susuan Johnston
Patrick Bourke: Scoop

David Wygant



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  1. Davy Says:

    Good preview for the play. Sounds like it will be well worth going to.


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    This is a nice “teaser” for the play. You might want to include more full-sentence quotes; I got kind of confused about who was saying what. But overall, nicely done.


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    I want to go see the show now! You wrote about it well!


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    Good intro to get people going. A lot of good quotes from the actors and staff as well.


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    Very well written story. You gave just enough info for people to want more.


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    It does draw people into the play, or wanting to see it I should say. Would be nice to have a bit more info on the sidebar on how to get there.


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    Good story. Makes me want to go see it!


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    cool. i might go see this now. well-written and informative.


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