Auraria Health Fair offers students advice on good nutrition and exercise


Posted Sun, Nov 27, 2011

HEALTH MATTERS: Volunteers from the NSSLHA Lindsay Wickler and Beth Schneider (from left) advise MSCD student Joel Orozco about verbal development in childhood. Photo by Caitlin Sievers

DENVER — Students milled around the Tivoli Turnhale on Wednesday, learning from various local sources how to stay healthy through good nutrition and exercise. Jennifer Miller, the president of Future Doctors of Denver organized the event titled “Fight the Fat War” in conjunction with student activities. The goal of the event was to raise awareness about health issues and let students know about alternative therapies.

Students walked around the event, going from booth to booth to learn about health issues, grab informational brochures and get some freebies along the way.

Representatives from the Alternatives Pregnancy Center talked to students about its services and programs.

“We offer support and services to men and women in unintended pregnancies,” said Hollyn Ernstmann, a volunteer at the booth.

The ladies at the Colorado Dietetic Association booth informed students about the differences between healthy sources of sugar and fat and unhealthy ones. They were attempting to portray sugar and fat in a healthy light according to Ynke Dekoe, a volunteer at the booth.

Information about Auraria’s Healthy Moves program was available, such as class times for pilates, yoga, zumba and belly dancing classes. These classes are free and open to the whole Auraria community. Healthy moves is sponsored by the Health Center at Auraria.

One booth informed students about the differences between allopathic medicine and osteopathic medicine. Chris Waasdorf, a second year student doctor at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, who was manning the booth explained that doctors who study osteopathic medicine have a difference in philosophy than those who study allopathic medicine. They believe that the body can heal itself. These doctors might prescribe medicine, but will also recommend lifestyle changes for their patients.

“Osteopathic doctors still try to maintain a holistic approach,” Waasdorf said.

Tricia, a representative from talked about how much the website helped her when she was battling cancer.

“When I had my web-page, it was amazing,” Tricia said. provides cancer patients with a place to connect with friends and family. The patients can give everyone updates on their progress on the website as well as get help with some everyday activities that become overwhelming when one is fighting cancer. Tricia added that she was thankful to have the website because it was a way to find someone to walk her dog for her when she wasn’t feeling up to it.

Representative from the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) gave out informed people about standard language and speech milestones for the first year in a baby’s life. They also offered information about hearing damage and vocal cord damage. Pictures of vocal cord lesions represented what can happen when a person talks to loudly, or yells too often. One of the representatives, Beth Schneider explained that sometimes even school teachers get these lesions from talking loudly in class all day.

There were also booths representing the National Kidney Foundation, Auraria Health Center, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, and the School Traditional of Chinese Medicine.

Some classes offered through Healthy Moves offered in Tivoli 640
-Beginner’s Yoga- Tuesday and Thursday from 12 p.m. to 1.
– Hatha Yoga- Monday and Wednesday from 11 a.m. to noon.
-Yoga for stress management- Thursday from 1 p.m. to 2.

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  1. Cherise Scrivner Says:

    Good coverage and great topic to inform readers about! Awesome interviews as well!


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    Well done story. I was not even aware of this being on campus. All the points that you covered in this piece are very important to people today and makes for some good reading.


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    This is a great story. It helps remind students to be more aware of their health, as well as bring awareness to what goes on at the Health Fair. The article was well executed, and you could even add more quotes in it if you wanted. Also, nice touch with the class schedule at the end. After reading the article, it makes me want to go check out some of those classes.


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    You occasionally need to reference AP style, a couple things are misspelled (vocal chords, not cords) but otherwise very, very informative and a lot of great interviews done.


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    Super clean. Informative, cand clearly written. Very good stuff. That is a big ol’ lede…maybe a graph break?


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