Jameson Cauble: Orenda’s Bassist


Posted Sun, Mar 20, 2011

Bassist Jameson Cauble tells a fellow band member words of encouragement as Orenda performs their set

DENVER- As bassist Jameson Cauble sits and ponders what the key to a successful band is, he strokes his trimmed handlebar mustache and says what you’d expect almost anybody in their mid-20s that’s in a band to say: “Marijuana?”

“Just kidding,” he jokes as his buddy and fellow band member Dan Kumpf laugh. They are members of a local band Orenda, composed of five friends who stay closely knit. “Just having the right chemistry with the right people within the band has made it successful,” Cauble says.

The alternative rock group has a storybook way of getting their band together. “We just started having a jam session,” Cauble remembers. Being that everyone had a common interest in music and all played instruments just made it that much easier for everyone to start playing together. As soon as they realized that their sounds went well together, they basically hit the roads, according to Jameson. “We just decided we should start performing shows.” And ever since that moment the members of Orenda have been living the life of local rock stars, performing a couple times a month at multiple venues around the Denver area.

How Cauble got to be the bassist of the band is a much different story, though. In fact, it’s probably something that you wish you could do on a regular basis with things. Cauble’s original instrument was the guitar, something he had been playing for years. Kumpf’s original instrument was the bass, but he wanted to learn how to play guitar. So what solution did the two come up with? “We just decided to switch,” Cauble says, looking at Kumpf and laughing. “It’s been literally only seven months I’ve been playing the bass.” And even with switching instruments the band sounds great and is constantly landing gigs, something Kumpf and Cauble are excited to see with their new instruments.

As Cauble bites down into his sausage and cheese omelet I ask him where the name Orenda came from. “Well, our drummer, Dustin Kendall, was researching random things about Native American things. Orenda is a Native American mystical power, Manna. The band really liked it so we went with it.”

It’s nothing less you can expect from Cauble or his band members, who are always looking for or doing random things, even in the middle of their shows. “At our first show we were playing a song, I can’t remember what it is, but our song kind of breaks a little bit and goes into the instrumental part of it.” Cauble pauses for a moment to laugh in disbelief, foreshadowing a hilarious ending. “Instead of singing our lead singer decided to yell, ‘I pooped my pants.’” Kumpf joins in for a laugh, saying it was amazing. “None of us caught it until we were watching the DVD later and we were all like, did Colin really just yell ‘I just pooped my pants’?” It’s a story Cauble says he’ll never forget.

Just about everybody who’s in a band can agree, along with Cauble, that the best part of being in a band is the shows. “There’s nothing like it, going and playing a show,” he says. You can tell from his emotions it’s what he’s passionate for. “That’s like my favorite thing ever.” Deciding on a favorite song to perform is a much harder decision for the band to make.

“That’s a tough one,” says Kumpf. As Kumpf and Cauble look back and forth at each other they both agree that their favorite song to open with is one called Vegas. “But Time Bomb is the most intense song,” Cauble said. Kumpf nods in agreement. “It’s pretty fun and entertaining to play. After that I’m usually wiped.”

The shows are very benefitting to Orenda also. Not only do they get exposure, but at their most recent show a booking agency was there and saw them perform. “They liked us on Facebook and they’re interested in working with us,” Cauble said with excitement in his eyes. “We’re excited to see what would happen. There’s a lot we could do in the next couple of months.”

One thing Orenda could do is finish up a CD they’ve just started recording, one they’re unsure of a title for. “It might be called The Even Pages,” Cauble says. “It’s really the only one we’ve thought about right now. Still, it’s one Cauble hopes can catapult Orenda to the beginning of a fabulous career being a rock star, getting rid of Justin Bieber along the way, he notes.

Ten years ago Cauble still had the same ambitions and goals as he does today. “I was probably still in a couple of bands in high school so I probably honestly still wanted to be a rock star.” And now he has a fighter’s chance with Orenda. The chemistry with his friends within the band has brought them together. They’re now doing things they had only dreamed of before. And Cauble is precautious, yet optimistic about the band’s future. “I’d like to see it go as far as we can, I guess. If it kind of dies out, then whatever.”

But when asked where everyone in the band will be in ten years, the bartender serving Cauble and Kumpf, who also knows them well, decided to jump in. “Passed out with urine in the streets.”

Random jokes and Orenda. What less would you expect?

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