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Posted Tue, Apr 13, 2010

Vampire novelist Jeanne C. Stein released her most recent novel, “Retribution,” in August 2009. Stein released her first vampire novel, “The Becoming,” in 2006. Her books center around a bounty hunter named Anna Strong, who is turned into a vampire against her will.

The events in the series take place in Stein’s hometown of San Diego.  Stein has since written and released four more novels in her Anna Strong series. Including, “Blood Drive,” “The Walker,” and “Legacy.”

When Stein is in the process of writing a novel, she first comes up with a story idea and primary  characters. She outlines the plot and subplot, and then adds secondary characters to the story.

Originally Stein wrote mystery novels, however, she incorporated vampires into her story after attending a meeting for novelists and finding that there was a high demand for vampire stories. Stein wants readers to know that although her novels have elements of romance to them, they are largely of the mystery genre.

Stein attends a novelists’ critique group called Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, where authors bring one or two chapters at a time to each meeting and have the other authors edit, revise and discuss one another’s work.

 She also emphasizes the importance of networking; “networking is important for getting your name out there,” says Stein.  Also, she feels that it is important to have an agent and an editor when seeking a book deal.

 As far as the process of continuing a series goes, Stein thinks ahead in planning the plots for her novels.

 “When writing a series, you stay two steps ahead,” she says.

Stein explains that many editors like for there to be between six and eight books in a series. In regards to how her current career compares to others she has had she says, “I work more now than I ever did at an 8-5 job.”

Stein also has something to say for people who complain of writer’s block.

“I think writer’s block is an excuse…a person who is serious about writing will work through it,” Stein says.

Stein is currently promoting her book “Retribution” and is in the process of writing the sixth book in the Anna Strong series. 

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